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How our brain
decodes sound

The brain uses three major QUES in order to decode sound signals and to perceive them in space and movement:
  • ITD (Interaural Time Differences) - the small difference in milliseconds in which a sound enters one ear before the other.
  • ILD (Interaural Level Differences) - the small difference in volume in which a sound reaches both ears.
  • HRTF - the unconscious unnoticed head movements also help our brain understand the depth of the sound source and its location and motion (if the source is mobile).
Stereo audio allows for localization to the left and right ears upon playback. That’s actually the only instance in which we DON’T hear naturally, since in life, a listener can localize sound sources in front of them, behind them, above and below. Stereo does not factor in the natural ear spacing or “head shadow” of the head and ears. These things happen naturally as a person listens, generating their own ITDs and ILDs. Stereo recording is not capable of capturing this, thus restricted to only Left and Right.

How Sphereo works

Our technology encodes 3D vector sound into 2 audio channels (stereo), in a way the brain decodes as natural spherical sound, enabling control of 3D audio location and motion patterns. The encoding works with any existing file formats (single/batch), offline and online (real-time). We’re the only solution to date to convey true 3D sound over plain stereo, with no needed software or hardware on the creation or on the playback side.
  • Streamed using any service
  • Does not interfere with the video
  • Does not affect video-audio sync
  • Does not affect DRM

Video technology adoption
left audio behind

Despite major advancements in video technology (from SD to 4K/HDR), our headphones listening experience is still limited to only a two-channel stereo (left and right). The majority of us, who don’t own a home theatre setup or other surround-enabled devices, are only confined to the old stereo format, may it be via our internet browser, mobile phone, bluetooth connectivity and the analog headphone jack. But in the meantime:

  • Headphone usage is growing, with over 300 million sold annually.

  • More content is consumed on mobile than ever before.

  • People are listening with headphones to more than just music, they watch films and TV series and play games.

As George Lucas once said “the music and sound are 50% of the experience in a movie” and we have set our hearts and minds to supply everyone with the hassle-free theatrical experience the content creators and listeners deserve. Truthfully, if our good old stereo format can now convey real 3D sound, why not simply use it this way?

Our Team

SPHEREO is a creative-innovation audio startup that developed   lossless multi channel conversion to stereo while keeping the sense of space and motion through any device with any headphones, bringing a bigger than life sound experience to everyone.
Our passion and vision is to enhance your quality of experience in any sound related expression - Movies and TV series, Music, Gaming, VR/AR and more.

Dr. Yoav Mor
Co-Founder, CTO & CEO

A signal processing engineer with over 10 years of experience in audio processing and algorithm design. Yoav holds a PhD. in Computational Neuroscience from the Hebrew University. Prior to co-founding IAL, Yoav has worked in several biomedical companies, IR-Medical and P.I.M.S., to name a few. One of his most recent developments is now a common tool, being used in many major research facilities worldwide. He lives in Rishon LeZion with his wife, 2 kids and 1 hamster.

Mr. Ofer Vaknin
Co-Founder & COO

A seasoned entrepreneur with demonstrated experience in the high tech industry. Skilled in audio surveillance, management, operations, organizational development, data analysis and business development. Ofer served 25 years in the Israeli Defense Forces’ Intelligence Corp (Secret Ops, Lieutenant Colonel, retired) and holds a MA degree in Arab-Middle East studies from Bar-Ilan University. He lives in Beit Dagan with his wife and 3 kids.

Our Board

Dr. Joshua Rosensweig

Dr. Rosensweig is the founder and senior partner at Rosensweig & Aviram Law Offices and has served in the past as a pivotal member in several government committees. He remains a well-known advisor on issues of taxation, M+A and commercial matters, specializing in international and domestic taxation, commercial and corporate law, international business transactions, as well as finance, banking and securities matters. Parallel to his legal career, Dr. Rosensweig served as Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of numerous public and private companies, including Chairman of First International Bank of Israel. In recent years he has substantial involvement in forming and assisting technological enterprises. Dr. Rosensweig received an L.L.M. in Taxation and Doctoral J.S.D. in International Taxation from NYU Law School, and an L.L.B. from Bar-Ilan University Law School.

Dr. Anat Levin

Dr. Levin is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor in technology and internet related startups. She is the former CEO and founder of Targetmatch (previously traded in TASE) among other sustainable companies. Formerly, Dr. Levin served as a research fellow at the World Bank and as a fellow in the Bank of Israel’s advisory committee, as well as acting as CEO for several of her endeavors. Dr. Levin holds a Ph.D. in Economics from UCLA (under Professors Welsh and Shapley, who won a Nobel prize).

Mr. Lior Frenkel

Lior Frenkel is the CEO and co-founder of Waterfall Security Solutions, the leading provider of Unidirectional Security Gateways. With more than 20 years of hardware and software research and development experience, Mr. Frenkel leads Waterfall with extensive business and management expertise. His experience spans research, design and development of mission critical systems and national cyber security technologies and programs. He holds multiple patents and patent applications, primarily in the area of cyber security for OT and IT environments. Beyond the walls of Waterfall, he is a frequent contributor to regulatory steering committees, governmental forums, public hearings and closed-door briefings. Mr. Frenkel holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistics from Bar-Ilan University.